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Depending on the type of industrial investment and the Investor’s mode of operation, we are able to perform our services as the General Contractors, designing and execution electrical works by a direct for the Investor, or as a professional subcontractor to a construction company or technology supplier.

Elektromontaż Wschód has experience in projects in the wood, food (dairy, confectionery, grain, spirits, and brewery industries) and chemical industry, both domestic and international. We have performed our services to such well-known brands as Pfleiderer, IKEA, Mlekovita, Mlekpol (Łaciate), Piątnica (Serek Wiejski), Foodcare, Wawel, Grześki, Polmos Białystok, Polmos Lublin, Browar Łomża, HOOP, Unimil, Firestone, Rockwool, Philips, Thomson, BASF ….

Factory of Ultra-Thin UT-H Furniture Board

As the general contractor of electrical power engineering works on direct contract with the Investor, we designed and realised the structure of division and distribution of electric energy for the needs of the most modern plant manufacturing ultra-thin HDF boards. Its construction from scratch took less than a year. The area of the facility is 20ha. The factory is not only the biggest foreign investment in the region – the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has considered it as the biggest investment with foreign capital in our country.  Its value is as much as 140 million Euro. It is also one of the most innovative manufacturing plants of this type in Europe and the world. It is the first factory manufacturing such panels based on biomass use in Poland. The stock of machines consists of the state-of-the-art press, forming line, front-end system, automated warehouse, filtration systems for the drying process and power supply system. In the factory, there is the fastest press as was ever made, which is adjusted for fast switching for manufacturing of different types of HDF boards. The total area of the buildings is 48,000 m² and their cubature is 600,000 m³. Maximum height of the buildings is 28m. The plant sets out new standards in ecological manufacturing. 80-90% of water used during the production is recovered and reused in the manufacturing processes.

The scope of the works included:
1. Development of detailed design documentation.
2. MV cable lines from the main power supply point to the main MV switchgear and from the main MV switchgear to 12 transformer/switching stations. Total length of lines – 18.5 km.
3. 23-bay main MV switchgear 15 kV with selection of settings and configuration of protections.
4. Auxiliary switchgear with direct current battery.
5. 12 transformers with total power of 31.05 MW:
– 15/10 kV with power of 8000 kVA, 1 pc.,
– 15/0.4 kV with power of 1600 kVA, 3 pcs.,
– 15/0.69 kV with power of 2500 kVA, 1 pc.,
– 15/0.4 kV with power of 1250 kVA, 1 pc.,
– 15/0.69 kV with power of 2000 kVA, 1 pc.,
– 15/0.4 kV with power of 2500 kVA, 5 pcs.
6. Container transformer station.
7. 11 low-voltage switchgears (9 pcs. of 0.4 kV, 2 pcs. of 0.69 kV), including condenser batteries in the version with high-order harmonics compensation.
8. Low-voltage cables to supply process installations. Total length of lines – 112 km.
9. Power generator of 1100 kVA.
10. Installation of auxiliary units in electrical operations rooms.
11. Supporting structures for delivered transformers.
12. False floors in electrical operations rooms.
13. Cable route system with total length of 7 km, including self-supporting routes with total length of 1,2 km.
14. Assistance at commissioning of process lines.
15. Preparation of as-built documentation, including post-assembly measurements and operating instructions.


As the general contractor of electrical power engineering works on direct contract with the Investor, we completed the investment task, which was the extension and adjustment of the dairy’s electrical power system to operate with in-house cogeneration heat and power generating plant.
Two natural gas-supplied Caterpillar G3512E diesel-electric generating sets installed in the heat and power generating plant enable the combined generation of 2000kW of electric energy and 2200kW of thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water.
The energy generated in high-efficiency cogeneration process is used for the needs of the plant and the additional benefit for the generator is the possibility to get the certificate of energy origin (the so-called yellow certificates).

The scope of our works included:
1. Delivery and receipt point, including:
– medium-voltage switching station, type UniSwitch 17.5kV; 630A; short-circuit current 1-sec. 16kA
– protection to prevent from accidental supply of voltage to PGE Dystrybucja S.A. network
– transmission of the states of switch representation to PRINS system
– billing measurement
2. Boiler house station, including
– medium-voltage switching station, type SafeRing CCVV
– 15.75/0.42kV transformers with power of 1250kVA
– passive power compensation
– ventilation of transformer chamber
– signalling of transformer overload
– earthing and anti-shock protection
3. Metering system, including:
– billing measurement at G1 and G2 generator terminals
4. Laying cables, including:
– laying MV cables, type 3x XRUHAKXS 1x120mm²
– laying LV cables
– cable duct system
5. Anti-shock protection
6. Surge protection

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