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From the very beginning when the first mobile networks came into existence in Poland, our Company has been constructing and maintaining base stations.

A typical base station may cover one or more telecommunication network cells. In consideration of their location and design, we distinguish the following stations, but not limited to: roof stations, (lattice, pre-tensioned prestressed concrete, steel) tower stations, stations situated on chimneys. The standard equipment of a base station includes the telecommunication container, batteries (for emergency power supply), rectifier (for charging batteries and providing supply of 48 V to the station), air-conditioning system, heater, emergency fan (in case of air-conditioning system failure), alarm control room (for transmitting alarms to the network operation and maintenance centre), radio link equipment and radio-communication device to handle user-generated traffic (BTS), antennas connected with the station via low-loss coaxial cables (feeders) laid on cable ladders. Masts/towers are equipped with the lightning protection system and, optionally, warning light.

The scope of services includes:
1. Construction of base stations
a) acquisition and design works
– property acquisition for the investment purposes
– design works with legal and formal service of the investment
– obtaining the building permit
b) construction works
– construction of base station
– putting it into operation
2. Maintenance of base stations
a) periodical inspections
– cleaning the base station area up,
– taking measurements of all the station’s circuits (reception power supply, air-conditioning system, lighting, dehydrators, power plant),
– examination of battery condition (state of voltage and internal resistance during the battery discharge test),
– check of the technical condition of station’s infrastructure (container, tower, foundations, fencing, driveway) confirmed
by the certified development surveyor,
– carrying out minor electrical (e.g. replacement of fuses, switch tensions etc) and building repairs on an ongoing basis,
– examination of tower verticality by the certified geodesist
b) 24h service
– trips with back-up power generator
– repairs
– modernizations
– overhauls

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