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Elektromontaż Wschód has been present on the Polish RES market since the very beginning, and it is growing to be the leader in the region.
We are able to offer design and execution services, including the supply of turbines for wind farms. RES investors are perfectly aware of the fact that the proverbial “Achilles’ heel” lies in the electrical installation of the farm and in the works bordering with Industrial Power. As a company specialising in energetics, we can ensure best services within this scope and we are able to guarantee timely transmission of produced energy to the network. Therefore it is important that the General Contractor in these types of investments is a dependable Electricity Company, such as Elektromontaż Wschód. The investments can be executed, depending on the Clients concept, as EPC, EPC-M, BOP contracts, etc. Apart from Wind Farms, our portfolio also features biogas and PV plants.

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Elmont Project Development (over 20 MW)

Customer Name: Elmont Grupa


Elmont Photovoltaic Plant (29,9 kW)

Customer Name: Elektromontaż Wschód


Zdrojówka Photovoltaic Farm (40 kW)

Customer Name: Spa Zdrojówka


Mogiliew Photovoltaic Farm (2 MW)

Customer Name: Rejon Mogiliewski

Scope of work:


Łazy Photovoltaic Farms (1,26 MW)

Customer Name: Sigma Woltaika

Scope of work:


Wizna Photovoltaic Farm (0,99 MW)

Customer Name: Renoma

Scope of work:


BGP3 Photovoltaic Farm (3,76 MW)

Customer Name: Belorusneft

Scope of work:


Turośń Photovoltaic Farm (0,5 MW)

Customer Name: Mivo Construction

Scope of work:


Photovoltaic Farm – 5 power installations (4.86 MW)

Customer Name: Amber Energia Wytwarzanie

Scope of work:


Yartuewko-II Photovoltaic Farm (22,4 MW)

Customer Name: PM Power Montage

Scope of work:


Wind Farm  Pietrowizna

Investor: Gamesa Energia Polska Sp. z o. o.

Scope of work:


Wind Farm Bakaniuk (6 MW)

Customer Name: Ekowat Parki Wiatrowe Sp. z o.o.

Scope of work:


Wind Farm Sniepie and Bajtkowo (12.5 MW)

Customer Name: Speed Wind Sp. z o.o.

Scope of work:


Wind Farm  Bobry (40 MW)

Customer Name: Big Laufer Sp. z o.o.

Scope of work:


Wind Farm Grajewo (75 MW)

Customer Name: Contino Polska Sp. z o.o.

Scope of work:


Popowo – Wojewodzin Wind Farm (14 MW)

Investor: Contino Wind Group

Scope of work:


Szydłowo II Wind Farm (16 MW)

Investor: Renovatio Power Polska Sp. z o. o.

Scope of work:



Dąbrowice Wind Farm (39 MW)

Investor: GDF SUEZ S.A.

Scope of work:


Tolkowiec Wind Farm (48 MW)

Investor: Energa Operator SA, Oddział w Olsztynie

Scope of work:



Miksztal and Grochów Wind Farm (10 MW)

Investor: Alstal Grupa Budowlana Sp. z o.o.

Scope of work:


Wind Farm Ilawa I (12 MW)

Customer Name: STEAG New Energies GmbH

Scope of work:


Parsówek Wind Farm (26 MW)

Investor: Energa Invest S.A.

Scope of work:

Hybrid power plant


Investor: Politechnika Białostocka
Execution period: Juni 2014 – November 2014

Scope of work:

The investment will be used for educational purposes, and thanks to the use of cutting edge technology in terms of photovoltaic panels, inverters, trackers, as well as the measuring equipment and wind turbines, the facility will allow students to learn about the current technologies in renewable energy sources.

Hybrid power plant operating parameters:

Iława 12 MW Wind Farm

Investor: STEAG GmbH, Germany
Execution period: September 2013 – July 2014

Scope of work:

Zajdy Biogas plant

Investor: Ekowood sp. z o.o.
Execution period: January 2013 – June 2014

Scope of work of Elektromontaż Wschód:

Giże Biogas plant

Investor: Eco-Progres sp. z o.o.
Execution period: January 2013 – February 2014

Scope of work of Elektromontaż Wschód:

Adler Biogas plant Ryboły

Investor: Adler Biogaz sp. z o.o.
Execution period: August 2013 – Oktober 2013

Scope of work of Elektromontaż Wschód:

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