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We perform electrical installation services in this segment, usually as subcontractors to construction companies – general contractors. No kind or purpose of a facility is too challenging for us. It only has to be big enough to let us spread our wings.

Building hypermarket

The newly built shopping centre in Bialystok belongs to the chain of shops owned by the well known French commercial company, which offers construction, finishing and garden materials. It is one of the biggest centres in the city, has two storeys and its usable floor area is approx. 10,000 m².

The scope of our works included:
1. Development of detailed design documentation of electrical system.
2. Delivery, assembly and commissioning of the equipment in MV transformer station 15kV/0.4kV, including transformers 630kVA 15/0.4kV – 2 pcs.,
7-bay MV switchgear 15kV in SF6 insulation with the metering system, two-unit RG-LM LV switchgear 0.4kV with the central control system,
choke condenser batteries type BK 80kVAr – 2 pcs.
3. Execution of supply electrical systems, including:
– execution of internal lines to supply general installations,
– prefabrication, delivery and assembly of 40 building switchgears,
– execution of internal lighting with extra lights at exhibitions,
– execution of external lighting and power supply of outdoor signboards,
– delivery and assembly of two busways of 160A each, for supplying socket circuits at the sales floor,
– execution of electrical systems in the lighting sales zone, including the connection of approx. 4500 pcs. of sockets,
– comprehensive execution of electrical systems in the office and rest and refreshment rooms within the facility,
– execution of electrical connection of cash registers, including laying cable ducts under the shop’s floor
4. Execution of fire-related installations within the facility, including cable routes and cables with fire resistance of EI120, RG fire switchgear
and supply of sprinkler pumps.
5. Execution of all cable routes within the facility, both for power and low-current systems.
6. Execution of the guaranteed supply system (UPS) 30kVA with ability to maintain 100% load within 30min.
7. Execution of the smoke damper electrical control system.
8. Execution of the system for controlling and monitoring of selected installations within the facility.
9. Execution of the building’s lightning protection system.
10. Preparation of as-built documentation, including post-assembly measurements and operating instructions.

Storage and production building

Investor: Bianor

Execution period: Mai – July 2014

Scope of work:

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