Commercial Power Engineering – Substations

The increasing demand for electricity and the growing need for reliable power supply forces Utility companies to develop new energy facilities. Due to the age of the electrical power equipment operated in Poland, their modernisation or replacement has become the need. In the recent times, we have been observing the increase in such works in our portfolio. Some examples below. More

RES Investments

Elektromontaż Wschód has been present on the Polish RES market since the very beginning, and it is growing to be the leader in the region.
We are able to offer design and execution services, including the supply of turbines for wind farms. RES investors are perfectly aware of the fact that the proverbial “Achilles’ heel” lies in the electrical installation of the farm and in the works bordering with Industrial Power. As a company specialising in energetics, we can ensure best services within this scope and we are able to guarantee timely transmission of produced energy to the network. Therefore it is important that the General Contractor in these types of investments is a dependable Electricity Company, such as Elektromontaż Wschód. The investments can be executed, depending on the Clients concept, as EPC, EPC-M, BOP contracts, etc. Apart from Wind Farms, our portfolio also features biogas and PV plants.


Depending on the type of industrial investment and the Investor’s mode of operation, we are able to perform our services as the General Contractors, designing and execution electrical works by a direct for the Investor, or as a professional subcontractor to a construction company or technology supplier.

Elektromontaż Wschód has experience in projects in the wood, food (dairy, confectionery, grain, spirits, and brewery industries) and chemical industry, both domestic and international. We have performed our services to such well-known brands as Pfleiderer, IKEA, Mlekovita, Mlekpol (Łaciate), Piątnica (Serek Wiejski), Foodcare, Wawel, Grześki, Polmos Białystok, Polmos Lublin, Browar Łomża, HOOP, Unimil, Firestone, Rockwool, Philips, Thomson, BASF …. More

General construction

We perform electrical installation services in this segment, usually as subcontractors to construction companies – general contractors. No kind or purpose of a facility is too challenging for us. It only has to be big enough to let us spread our wings. More


From the very beginning when the first mobile networks came into existence in Poland, our Company has been constructing and maintaining base stations. More

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